Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Here's my latest opinion piece on the CBC-Manitoba website:

7 parenting strategies to help you skate through the end of winter

Although my boys are now definitely older than this stock photo, this is how several of us felt this past week!  We have been taking turns with having a bad stomach bug (rotavirus) that is going around.  I keep hoping we are done with it, but as one of my twins said yesterday (and his face looked green), his tummy felt all 'wiggle waggly.'  So far, both adults in our household have had it the worst.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

This morning, while walking dogs and dodging ice and puddles, I heard honking and saw long lines of Canada geese flying north in formation.  It's getting warmer outside...and that is a very good thing.    Take care!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

High Fashion

 On Thursday night, March 16th,my design, the Spire Smock, from Knit Green will be featured in the Reel Green fashion show as part of a collaboration with the Manitoba Fibre Festival.  I think the sweater will be keeping a mannequin warm...but it's hitting a fashion runway, nevertheless!

When I handed the sweater sample over today, a knitter saw it and inquired...and the great thing is that you too can have a sweater like this one!  The pattern's available. :)  (and you don't have to do it in orange if that isn't your color, of course....)

At home, I'm featuring another fiber entirely.  I purchased this tow flax roving at the Manitoba Fibre Festival from Taproot Fibre Lab.  I've had it waiting patiently for quite a while, but just couple of weeks ago, I began to spin it.  I'm almost finished with the first 100 g bag.

I love it!  It's delicious to spin, and I cannot wait to do more.  It is a great departure from wool, and is offering me a very gentle start after a while when I wasn't managing any spinning at all.  (Note: Despite what my spinning teacher taught me 30+ years ago, you can start and stop when spinning linen.  No problem...and if this were really a serious issue, well, historically, women with small children would never have spun any linen)

Last but not least, I came upon a very nice image of the Due North Mittens over here on Instagram, knit beautifully by thewolfandtheblacksmithswife.  Lovely mitts!  I hope they are keeping someone toasty.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Handmade Resistance--it's much older than a 'buycott'

Here is my latest article...
 This one just went live this morning on the Daily Forward's Sisterhood Blog:

Ethical fashion is about more than boycotts--and it has been for a very long time. We can create great change through the work of our hands.

Curious to read more?  Here's the link:

Jewish Handmade Resistance

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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Virtual Synagogue Exhibit

Here's a link to my latest CBC opinion piece, which links this exhibit to teaching children about the Holocaust, and to the current refugee influx from the US into Canada:

Virtual synagogue exhibit shows pre-Holocaust German Jews embraced strangers: 'You should love the stranger,' synagogues said, 'for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.'

This exhibit should be coming to Toronto and Vancouver, too.  In the meanwhile, here are some links to images from the exhibit.

The first two images are virtual reconstructions of what some of the congregations looked like before Kristallnacht.

There were over 1,000 synagogues and over 7,000 businesses destroyed that night.  Here's one last image of the destruction from the exhibit.  Follow this link to read more. 

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Monday, February 27, 2017


I'm still here.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed lately.  I've got too much 'on my plate'--still not feeling too well and taking antibiotics for Lyme.  The latest info I've learned is that even after I finish taking the antibiotics, it might be six months to a year before I really feel better.  Of course, there are the usual things, too: two little boys, work deadlines, and some volunteer obligations I took on before I realized how much time everything took.  Oh, and the news.  It is a bit much, the news these days...
On Friday, I took some time to listen to an audio book and produce lots of food...or what I thought was a lot...

Here are some "cauliflower bites" made with two heads of cauliflower, cheese, eggs, and seasoning.  I thought they were fine, healthy snacks.  Two out of two twin kindergarteners disagree.  I froze half, and now I suspect that I have to eat through the rest on my own...I have not even heard the Professor's opinion! (He's not a big cauliflower fan in the first place)
 I made three big loaves of challah, and I froze two.  I'd been coasting by for a few weeks on some kind "gift challahs" from a friend, and bread machine challah (it comes out in a rectangle, which no one likes).  This buys me a couple more weeks!
The best way to catch up on your work?  A little at a time.  It boosts productivity if you have good company like Harry the dog.  He follows me up to my office to keep me company, and hops into my warm spot if I get up.  He's helpful that way.  I have been working at night when I can stay awake--I have a couple of great editing jobs, but they require a lot of focus.  I can only do it for an hour at a time before I need a break.  Harry is happy to provide breaks.
The subject of this post is this: one of my twins gets overwhelmed, and his teacher taught him to pause, put his hands on his chest, and take deep breaths.  He then waves his arms around and says "Focus!  Focus!"  It helps.  I am trying to do the same.

Otherwise, we continue skating onwards towards March.  (literally skating, the boys are learning to skate, although the ice is very bumpy from our weird warm weather.)  What's going on with you?  Do tell.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

a new publication--in Vancouver!

My article has gone live on the Vancouver Independent website!
Eight Rungs of Tzedakah

Check it out, it has good pictures. :)

--By the way, if you live in Winnipeg and this looks familiar to you, that's because it ran here in Winnipeg in our local Jewish newspaper....with a different title.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Thump Thump Mitts

Happy Valentine's Day!!

The new Thump Thump Mittens are now available on Ravelry!  (and will be available on Love Knitting in a day or two...)

On Ravelry, this pattern is 50% off until the end of Valentine's Day.  It expires Feb. 14th at midnight (CT, US & Canada). No coupon necessary.

This is for that excited 'thump thump' when you start a new project!

Also, textured in the way that I imagine the striations of the heart muscle...and just in time for a mid-winter treat, too!

 My grandmother and mother taught me the back side of my work should be just as tidy as the front...and here's a snowy mitt photo to prove it. :)

These are knit with two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  Any aran or worsted weight wool will be great, but this yarn was a very nice treat!

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