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Well, it turns out a lot of people are reading this, and I'm listening to what you're telling me. I ran around taking some photos! None of outside, because frankly, I don't live in the horsey part of Kentucky, it's November, so it's only marginally green outside, and uhh, oh yeah. I live in town. I could shoot photos of the empty crack house across the street, or of the other old houses (in various states of disrepair) on my daily walk, but that will have to wait for another time. Also, my daily life is very small, especially since, thank goodness, we got rid of the crack house occupants! Many days I don't get into the car, I work from home, I walk a mile with the dogs. I check out the kale seedlings in the garden. I cook dinner. I've been pretty busy with work though, so I'm going to share what is happening with you!

First, I got a present in the mail. As a member of the Association of Knitwear Designers , I get asked occasionally to provide knitted swatches for a big needlework convention called TNNA. This allows yarn companies to show off their yarns to retailers and designers who attend. I don't attend these big conventions, but when I volunteer to knit swatches, I get to see the newest yarns, play with them a bit, and keep whatever I don't knit into the sample. I'd even like to perhaps build relationships with yarn companies because I volunteer to do this. This time, I lucked out:

That's (left to right) Mountain Colors Twizzle (merino and silk), Sheep Shop Yarn Company Sheep Number one (100% wool from Uruguay), Dalegarn Baby Ull (washable wool, love this stuff already) and the plum colored yarn is Sandnes Alpakka (100% alpaca.) I can't wait to knit on the couch with this stuff! Yum.

Been struggling with a very sore lower back. That could be because A) I don't exercise much, B)I don't stretch much C) I sit too much or D) I keep leaning too close in to the computer because I can't see.

I chose D, took some tylenol and bought myself a pair of higher magnification drugstore glasses. We'll see if it helps. I am also trying to remember NOT to lean forward to stare at the screen to see things more closely. Duh! You can always increase the font of things on the computer instead...and, well, I do walk every day, right? Stretching? Exercise? Nah. Can't be it. :)

Finally, a subject many of us know all too well...unraveling. Coming apart as a person? Or just taking apart your knitting? I stuck my hands into this carefully marked box in my office (don't worry, nothing else is this well organized) in order to mention this one. Today I got an email about an important solo performance project, called Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, that focuses on the issues of depression and suicide in Asian American women. (Asian American women have the highest rates of depression and suicide in this country.) It stars Kristina Wong (click on this and check out that school picture, guys!) and uses the metaphor of unraveled knitting. She's asking folks to send their unfinished projects to:
Kristina Wong, c/o Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, PO Box 251664, Los Angeles, CA 90025

If you've ever felt err, unraveled, or depressed, or know anyone who has, this is a chance to donate your UFOs to the cause. (UFO=unfinished object) These projects will indeed be ripped out and/or sewn together, made into blankets for charity or skeins donated to knitting in schools programs. For anyone who's ever been in a slump, you're not alone. Here's a way to show you care.


Blogger sarah said...

'Option E) All of the above' is worth consideration.
For years I was driven to tears by the pain from my lower back. Nights in agony, lying straight and still, hoping it would be alright in the morning. It rarely was. I finally hobbled to an osteopath, who dealt with the immediate problem and pointed out, kindly but firmly, that walking the dog several miles each day was doing nothing to strengthen my back muscles and help them to cope with hours spent sitting, even with good posture (point noted?). So I signed up for Pilates. Four years later I have no back problem at all, and I feel better than I did 20 years ago. Find a good class (my teacher swears by Body Control) and stick with it. It's HORRIBLE at first, but it's worth it. Mind you, I can no longer force myself into some of the weird positions I used to hold for ages when working on really big projects on the cramped drawing board. My body objects too much and I'm forced to find a better way. Which is no bad thing.

Kristina Wong's project sounds like a good way to clear one of my two ancient UFOs from my conscience (and the space behind the couch). Something to do on the next rainy day.

Build a relationship with Mountain Colors :-) I love their yarns, or what I've seen of them. And I'd quite like to see a crack house so I know how to identify them... tell you what, I'll post pictures if you do.

November 30, 2006 at 4:07 AM  

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