Wednesday, May 30, 2007

end results

Again, I'm sorry, but I haven't got any photos today. The wedding photos were numerous, but since I was very busy helping as the "older sister" (in-law) I didn't take any of them.

Good news:
Ben and Ilana are married. As big weddings go, theirs went very well. Moderate amounts of religious confusion/conflict between the secular family members and the Orthodox ones,(no, not all Jewish weddings are exactly the same, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox Jewish weddings all differ, and those all differ from Christian ones quite a bit) lots of love, excitement, and cooperation, and an enormous amount of food. Meanwhile, since it was a Long Island wedding factory with multiple weddings happening at the same time, we got to eavesdrop on an amazing Indian wedding with colorful saris, a nearby wedding with loud rap music and flashing lights, and a variety of other excitements. As two of the teenage girl cousins said, "That other wedding is amazing. I didn't dance or eat anything though. We just looked." That's good, since eating their food or dancing with complete strangers wouldn't be uhh, kosher...and your moms would really not approve.

As the cool older cousin-in-law, I especially had fun when the band played Middle Eastern music, the Egyptian Jewish uncle and the Israeli uncle got out their finger cymbals, and we all did belly dancing. The aforementioned teenage girls with whom who I danced were thrilled at my moves. One of the mothers came to me later and said something like "Well, now we know another of your skills!" (is that good or not?)

After the wedding, I was grateful to take off my heels--7+ hours in high heels, mostly standing, is rough. The silk sweater I knit for the event --pictured poorly here, looked very good in person with a long black skirt and everyone enjoyed touching the silk. In the evening, we went out for enormous ice creams with the bride and groom and a couple of friends. We drove. They nearly collapsed of exhaustion in the car on the 2 minute ride home to the hotel.
The professor enjoyed telling everyone about my book. They all seemed impressed by "a division of Random House" and then, just like the Yarn Harlot predicted, their eyes glazed over immediately upon hearing it was about fibery things. Oh well. That's why I didn't bring up the book on my own!

Our travelling (3 flights there, 2 flights home, roughly 200 miles of driving, too) went fine. That is mostly because the professor didn't tell me that his pants split in the middle of the trip home. When we got home, at the kitchen table; he of the split pants inadvertently flashed me, and I blushed so hot that I am blushing even now as I remember it. This is a good sign, Ilana and Ben. If your partner can still do this to you 9 years after you got married, well, things are OK.

It's about being married. Not getting married.

Have a great honeymoon in Hawaii, guys! We're off to Missouri for the Heart of America Sheep Show and Fiber Fest tomorrow. One day home for the laundry, and another 500 miles in the car each way.

PS: I appreciate all your comments regarding dogs that roll in poop...although I still find the dead things harder to take. More good news--Harry seems to have outgrown this. Perhaps that's because both times he did it, the bathtub seemed too good for him so I tied him to the back porch and gave him his bath with a garden hose in 40 degree fahrenheit weather. He seems cured of this habit....I hope.


Blogger annmarie said...

Glad you got back safe and sound, albeit with a ripped seam here and there ;) You are so right that it's about _being_ married. Next week will be my husband's and my 25th anniversary. Man, that's a lifetime!

May 30, 2007 at 5:13 PM  
Blogger Rémy said...

Let me tell you, that comment "It's about being married, not getting married" was so good to hear. I've been thinking about that quite a bit lately... the getting married part. You can't be married until you at least get married. Nevertheless, I'm starting to think about that being married. It's alot to digest but it seems like now is a good time, we are celebrating our SECOND anniversary this weekend in NYC. It's a big thing but I feel like every day I am more and more in love. Anyways, there is enough mush in this comment to fill numerous "romantic comedies." Give me a call sometime when you get a minute. I miss you guys.

May 30, 2007 at 8:49 PM  

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