Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In context?

Check out this comic!:
So, You think you can Knit?
It's the August 29th "Close to Home" comic, in case the link doesn't last...

In other news, I've been spending a lot of time reformatting patterns. Remember this?
The Scarf Cowl and Bug Finger Puppets have now reverted to my ownership again, and will soon be up on my website here.
By soon, I mean, in a week or two. I'm working on it!
I don't love the technical aspects of designing. Reformatting patterns, for instance.
Yesterday, though, Whew! I was on a roll. I took a break from the fiber festival BOOK work to do these patterns. Then, when I was going cross-eyed at around 3 in the afternoon, I went to check my email. Yes, my internet went down. There would be no emailing the web designer for a bit.
No problem, I thought, I'll go outside with the dogs. Harry and Sally shoot out the back door into the 97 degree heat. High pitched yelps and barks ensue. Next thing I know, three seconds later, Harry is carrying a young bunny out of the weeds on the side of the yard. He lays it down on the ground. He sits next to it. He looks sorry. I scream.
Harry- 1. Bunny- the big 0 in the sky.
The professor couldn't bail me out. He was teaching his first Genetics class of the term. The lucky guy is teaching an extra course at 8 AM for a few weeks, and then in the late afternoon for his usual genetics course. Needless to say, waking up before 6 AM to make all this happen, and working late into the evening, too. This death? All my problem!
The dogs watch while I shovel up poor DEAD bunny. I bring him to the place beyond the fence where the dogs can't go. It takes a long time to find a place in the ground that is soft enough to dig. (the soil is crumbly, dusty, and hard from lack of rain.) I bury Mr. Bunny.
When I go inside, the internet is up and running. I swoop through the rest of the work day, make homemade pizza, fresh salsa and chips for dinner-with guest- and bake bread for us, too. What's a little web blip? A day of technical editing? When I compare it to the life of this poor rabbit? Everything is back to normal--I can see things in context again. No griping... I have a great work life, if undercompensated. A (generally) great web connection. Even some very nice bird dogs, who are doing exactly what their genetics tell them to do. They retrieve well. They drop the dead animal quickly and offer it to me. They have "soft" mouths. Too bad for Harry and Sally that I don't hunt, and probably never will. Lately, these guys have been underworked and retrieving watermelon rinds that one of our neighbors likes to toss in our yard. If only I could teach the dogs to toss the rinds back? Is that part of hunting dog genetics? I should ask the professor...
At the farmer's market on Saturday, I bought these locally made pottery pieces. They were a bargain. I believe in art, and supporting local artists when I can afford to. We don't have much room for these textured, crackled beauties, but now that I've lived with them a few days, I'm not sure I could imagine giving them away as gifts, either!
I'm so lucky to be surrounded by this beauty...pottery. bunnies. dogs. knitted art. Even when beauty is cruel? I have to remember. I am lucky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your post today brought to mind that in the circle of life there are also circles of friendship, beauty and art. the pottery pieces are wonderful! at least harry tried to look sorry. poor bunny. poor joanne.

thanks for the supportive comments on writing patterns. i didn't realize you had created the finger puppets, i should try them someday...

August 29, 2007 at 1:03 PM  
Blogger Peggy said...

Love the comic,thanks. Love the cowl scarf and the bug puppets are adorable!!!! Too bad about the bunny. Darn the dang watermelon heaving neighbor. Those pottery pieces are awesome!!! 40% chance of rain today and tomorrow!!!!! One can only hope.

August 29, 2007 at 3:25 PM  
Blogger Sonya said...

I am sorry to hear how your day was going. It is so hard when they are doing what comes naturally and it horrifies us.
Love the pottery.

August 29, 2007 at 6:30 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

Yup. Sometimes, no, frequently I'm scared by how lucky we are. I'm with Whitman on this, though. It's good to be here and to have been here. The dogs act according to their nature, the bunny dies a quick death and returns to the soil to become grass and, in time, more bunnies. I hope I'll still be this philosophical when it's my turn (if I've time to think about it)!

August 30, 2007 at 4:06 AM  
Blogger SueJ said...

Its the nature over nuture thing with Harry. Our dog is, by breed, a sheep dog, a 'lets go round everything up' kind of dog. He has never worked sheep in his life, so has to make do with whatever comes his way. He is pretty good at retriving though! He would never make a hunting dog - hides in his basket even if the gun shot is on T.V.!
The pottery was a good find & seeks to remind me to make a note of when our local 'farmers markets' are -I usually remember on the next day!

August 31, 2007 at 3:04 AM  

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