Tuesday, February 07, 2012


...One pair of Due North Mitts. Finally. We've had an abnormally warm winter in Winnipeg. It's been lovely, really mild...with temperatures over freezing on several days recently. Apparently I wore a gray maternity jacket one last time during the fall and left the mittens in the pockets of the jacket. I looked in the jacket pockets on a whim and, after weeks of searching? Found those mitts. Finally. I thought I'd lost my mind with lack of sleep when I realized I'd misplaced those mittens.

Also finally found some time today while someone was helping with the babies to upload photos from my camera. Some of those shots dated all the way back to November.

Here are a couple of recent photos of the babies. They are, of course, sporting knitwear that I've managed to make for them. You may notice that the sweater has enormous stitches. Yes, I knit on #13 needles because there just aren't many spare moments for knitting these days.

I designed this sweater. It's a one off and my version of a traditional "college man" cardigan sweater. It fits Leo well right now and Sam will get to wear it next. In our house, this sweater would be sized 8 months. That's now, and it fits.

The other thing I've managed are one pair of bright yellow knee socks. These wool socks are designed to be worn over a pair of regular socks AND their sleepers for when they go out on cold days. Then, they usually are wrapped up in a fleece sleeping bag in their car seats. They even have sleeping bags for their double stroller...you need it at -20C or colder still. ( -4F) The ribbing is purely to keep them from pulling off the socks. With effort, Leo can still pull these off.

Continuing the "college" theme, the next pair of socks will be navy. The mustard yellow and navy are U. of Michigan colors; one of my mother's alma maters. (sp?)

In any case, we are now entertaining two young gentlemen who sit up, roll over and look very close to crawling. They are both doing pre-language babbling. There is a lot of noise here, lots of yelling and cackling, including words like:
mehmehmehmeh meh
Hey or Hi
and some sounds that actually sound an awful lot like Harry and Sally's barking.

I guess we won't need to teach Dog as a second language here.

I'm off to bed. I "found" these moments by staying up later than the babies....and I'm sure to regret it tomorrow. Just dropping by to say hello, celebrating finding some precious mittens, and show off a new project or two. As Sam and Leo say, with big smiles:

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