Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where's Joanne?

Hi all...
We have been sick, in one form or another, since December.  That includes 2 separate emergency room visits.  Right now, three of us (the Professor is ok for now) have a cold, but I think we've had every virus known to humanity this winter.  It has been an exceptionally long, cold winter here, even for Manitoba, Canada.  This morning it was -8F, with a significantly lower wind chill.

Anyway, this winter has left me with very little time to post.  Beyond that, I am not sure what to post.  Before twins, this blog was a positive (for the most part) portrayal of some of my fibery professional life, and some of my personal life.  It wasn't the whole story, and it was, in part, so that people who read my books or articles or knitted my patterns had a chance to meet the person behind the work.

However, despite my best efforts, I have not been able to return to my professional life yet.  We have some babysitting each day outside our house, but I spend that time madly trying to clean up and catch us up so we can eat dinner, stay clean, etc.  When toddler twins are at home, well, that is what I am doing.  Twin toddlers are more than a full time situation right now...never mind being sick, going to doctors' appointments, etc.

I'm not sharing the "knitty-gritty" of those details with you. Besides being absolutely mind-numbing for me, it is often a slog that people don't want to hear about.  More than that, I want to maintain some of the boys' privacy so that they (not I) have the chance to shape their own online presence when they want to do that.

I know that some people are still checking in to see what's new on my blog...and I'm wondering what it is you are hoping to see in the future.  Should I stop posting until I have fibery things to report?  Should I return occasionally so you know I am alive?  Please feel free to comment, say hello, and let me know what you think, bearing in mind that my free time is absolutely still at a minimum these days. Sorry about that--I really wish things were different.

PS: In my nonexistent spare time, I am helping to plan the Manitoba Fibre Festival 
for September of 2013!  I am hoping that someday, I will have more time to help make it a success!