Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter driving in Winnipeg a luge sport

Check out my latest article!  There was snow again last night, so join me as we skate down Winnipeg's swervy streets together.  Makes preschool pick up a very interesting ride...
Winter driving in Winnipeg a luge sport

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

-40 and counting

We're going through a cold snap here.  I'd try to show you a photo (look back at other winters, you can see what it looks like, or just imagine: cold, black elm trees with no leaves, lots of snow, white)

Anyway, we've cranked out the heavy snow pants for hte boys and the new, size 3T, neon, down coats.  The windchill every day is about -40, and that is the same in both C and F.  Darn cold, but everyone still goes to school, work, the grocery store, etc.  We'd starve to death if we stayed inside waiting for spring to come.  In May.

This is very cold, but it isn't something that kept me from moving to Winnipeg.  In fact, it isn't even on the list of things that well, don't make me happy to be alive.  I see this weather as a colossal challenge and an opportunity to find inner resources.  To be brave.

First up is to think of things that make me happy in this weather.  I have only a couple of minutes before preschool pick up, so this is not an exhaustive list:
1) Good old fashioned radiators with even hot water heat.  Really trying hard and mostly keeping up.
2) Gas fireplaces belting out more heat.
3) Slow cookers, long cooked meals in the oven, basically, anything hot to eat at all.
4) New Canadian made union suits from LL Bean (no time to give a link, but they are good.)  These things are the best jammies ever, particularly after a really hot shower or bath in the claw footed tub.
5) Wool socks and shearling boots.
6) Very thick, handknit wool or cashmere sweaters.  I am particularly in love with my Icelandic sweaters made from Lopi about now, but I can't wear them every day.  I don't have that many--yet.
7) An appreciation of the beauty of a black and white landscape.
8) A determination to triumph over weather-related adversity
9) This cold tires the boys out fast.  That is actually good--they sometimes sleep more.  Sometimes...
10) The belief that it will get warmer.  About now, 20F sounds downright tropical.  Bring it on, warming trend.  I believe you will come.

And that's it for today, got to go unplug the car's block heater and head out to school. :)

What makes you happy in life's adverse conditions?

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