Monday, February 29, 2016

Accessibility Matters

Our local CBC website has been running a series on disabilities and accessibility in Manitoba.  By some strange coincidence, I had submitted an opinion piece on the issue as they were organizing the series behind the scenes.  I feel proud to have my piece included:
Let's get serious about making Winnipeg public schools more accessible

This is so important.  I wrote this for every kid who has broken a leg (I have) or had any sort of disability, short or long term, that makes gaining access to school difficult.  I feel so lucky to have had a place to submit this essay, because, well, we all deserve equal access to education, no matter how we get there.

On a lighter note:  Thanks to all who have taken part in my February sale opportunity on Ravelry!  Knitting (and dreaming of new projects) is a great way to get through a cold, cloudy, and long February.  I sure would like to kick my cough and get to enjoying knitting (and everything else) again.  Viruses, be gone!  :)

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