Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Infinity and Beyond

It's fair to say it's been a rough week.  Everyone I encounter in Winnipeg has been talking non-stop about the US Election.  I have many reflections...definitely, especially considering some of the harrassment and hate crime is now crossing the international border.

 However, over the past few days, we have also had to cope with everyday life. I've also sought a lot of distraction.  My kids went to the zoo, played, and did all the usual twin activities.  I also finished the amazing infinity sweater.

This is a one-off for a twin who knows what he wants.  A while back, he figured out what the infinity symbol looks like: ∞
and what it means.  The kindergarten definition, straight from a PBS kids' show called Peg & Cat which teaches math, is:
A number so big you can't count it.

These were all his own color choices… This stranded knitting symbol resulted in a lot of math!  My brain just about fell out my ear!  However, I managed it.  

Some technical notes for curious knitters: :)  
I measured his favorite sweaters and figured out my gauge.  I cast on for a 28" sweater, approximately.  It stretched a bit when I blocked it, which is fine.  I made it a little long and the sleeves a little long, but I wanted it to fit now as all his nice dress sweaters are now looking worn and yucky.  (In cold weather, the twins often wear button downs, khakis, and sweaters to services on Saturdays)

I knit up to the chest, I knit sleeves separately, and I joined all three together, and worked decreases while knitting the infinity pattern, which I designed with a little help from the kid.  The sleeve infinities are bigger than the ones on the chest.  That's the way it worked out best with the math.  I used Jo Sharp DK wool, from my stash, which was very old.  (I think I bought some of it in Niagara Falls, Canada and had it shipped to Kentucky, so purchased maybe in 2003-- well aged.)   I used every last inch of the dark blue yarn, which was what he wanted the most of.  He requested the light blue and purple contrast.  (He believes that color is purple, and that is fine with me!)

Now I am on to the next twin's sweater.  He wants brown (we are using tweedy brown Rowan yarn and some Black Water Abbey/Cushendale Mills yarn from Ireland, again, well-aged!  I went to Ireland in 2004, I think.)  Then he wants some skinny white stripes around the chest area, so we will go with Jo Sharp DK again for that.  I am hoping this sweater goes faster--we've had a nice warm fall but winter is coming!

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