Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Well, at least now I know why I was feeling so crummy.  I got a phone call yesterday--Monday--saying someone had looked at my x-ray and saw I had pneumonia. (I got my chest x-ray done at about 7;45 Thursday morning) Yup, I was sicker than just flu for all that time.  (Good thing I didn't keel over in the meanwhile, huh?)  So, now I am taking some lovely antibiotics.  Things still do feel like I am swimming, quietly, underwater a lot of the time.

Good things are coming. (I love lists right now for some reason,)
 #1. It is supposed to really warm up here, right up to freezing, and that is a huge deal for us in winter.  Can't wait for a little warm break.
#2. I made this cheerful, bright salad as part of our "leftovers" dinner--like a rainbow on a cold sunny white winter day.
#3. I saw a very beautiful promotional video for Quince & Co.  This is a Maine yarn company that is run in a really eco-friendly way, with thoughtful designers and knitters behind it.  I have long admired the yarn, even if I am too far away to touch it all myself.  I thought you might enjoy this 3 minute video, too. (I get nothing out of passing this along other than the enjoyment of watching it again.)

Experience Quince from Quince &Co. on Vimeo.

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