Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Sloppy Snow

I know some folks are welcoming spring--but this time of year in Manitoba, it warms up "enough" for a good snow storm or two.  I made some felted wool mitts (from felted sweaters, leftover from wool soaker days...) as back ups and they came in very handy!

Starting Sunday night, we had a very big, sloppy wet snow.  It reminded me of storms on the US east coast.  We did fine at our house, but we shoveled a lot and there were power outages elsewhere and all sorts of messes.  The school busses didn't run--and even though school was not closed, we chose to keep our kids home and have a "snow day."  It seemed like the right choice. The roads were a mess.

In the meanwhile, the Jewish Independent ran one of my articles, which is about "rebranding" and friendship:
Stressing action over just being

Also...I seem to be experiencing a sort of extraordinary switch in the knit design area.  On Ravelry, I have not sold a single pattern this month.  On Loveknitting.com, I've sold lots, including 5 copies since January of the Cozy Zip-Up Cardigan alone!  Why?  I don't know.  It's a mystery to me!  Do you have any ideas?  (Maybe LK knitters think this model is really attractive?  Do tell!)

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