Saturday, August 25, 2018

Gallery: Seen and herd

Some of us have been very busy--becoming famous--this summer.

Check out this link to see a Free Press article link that features some famous people in my household:

Gallery: Seen and herd: From the safety of a tour bus, visitors to FortWhyte Alive can spend a summer afternoon getting up close to the centre’s bison and learning about how North America’s largest land mammal shaped Canada’s history.
FortWhyte offers the bison safari four times a week until the end of August, then once a week in September.

On another day, some friends came in from Brandon to play with our twins.  When a big girl offers to hold your hand when you cross the street?  It's magic.  Especially when you are having sushi with her for lunch!
Meanwhile, my article ran here, while I was cutting up snack, walking dogs, visiting with guests...

This might be where I admit that I'm looking forward to the start of school and "quieter" times. :)

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