Friday, September 21, 2018

Striving and building more

Here's a photo of a long-ago sukkah, I think we put this one up in 2010... (before our twins were born)  I'm hoping we can manage to get ours up this year before the start of Sukkot.

This is a link to an article that came out today in Vancouver on the Jewish independent's website:
Striving and Building More

Things here are barreling onward at a breakneck pace.  I'm still rushing around trying to catch up with a work backlog, feed everyone a pile of holiday meals, keep up with the paperwork that seems constant at the beginning of's been a few days since I knit more than a row or two or even mended the pile of holey jeans waiting for "Mommy's help."  Stay tuned, I hope to get back to the fiber arts portion of things soon.  In the meanwhile, I have more round challahs to bake.

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