Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Three Ply...on Amazon!

A while back, I published an eBook on Ravelry called Three Ply.  It's a sweet combo for summer: three smaller knitting patterns, plus short stories that link up with all three.  The patterns are also all for sale separately: The Hole Inside MittsRiverbend Garden Hat, and Knitting for Mother Earth CowlHowever, I didn't really have the time or wherewithal to launch the eBook more widely...until I read, recently, that some designers were selling their work on Amazon.

Summer's both crazy busy with activities and also?  A little bit quiet at work some days.  So, I went to Amazon to try it out, and suddenly....Three Ply was available for pre-order!

I'm excited!  The launch date is Friday, July 19th. If you order now, it will show up on your Kindle then, just in time for summer weekend reading.  I hope you're sitting outside in the shade with a tall cool drink....knitting away...and maybe, just maybe, reading your new copy of Three Ply.

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