Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Sally the dog, 2005-2020

Sally, our gorgeous Pointer Lab mix (we think), died yesterday afternoon. She was 15.5 years old (at least) and was suffering from kidney failure. She was uncomfortable and not eating or drinking anymore-it was time. She was at the vet to be examined, but when we arrived, she wagged her tail and let us know—she was still ready to leave right away. (She hated the vet!)
Sally was alert, loyal and the perfect nanny. Although our twins arrived when she was 6, she adopted them right away. She told us about every dirty diaper and kept everybody from falling off beds or couches. She chewed up anything sharp or plastic (toy) she found on the floor, and left it for me on the bed to show she was ever vigilant, keeping her small humans safe. Sally was born in Kentucky (we think), we adopted her at about a year old, and she became a Manitoban. No day was too cold for a walk, and she kept us all on schedule. RIP to a truly special dog.

This is mostly a repost from my Instagram account.) I do have more things to post in a long format here, but we've been nursing a sick old dog, keeping a young dog busy, and home schooling/keeping twins busy.  It's been hard to find time to write cogent posts about much of anything.  Stay well.

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