Sunday, July 04, 2010

Canada Day, the 4th...and THE QUEEN!

The Queen was in Winnipeg yesterday. You know, Queen of England, Queen of Canada? That Queen. Pretty big deal.

I didn't manage to see her. It was very very hot for Winnipeg (think Kentucky/Virginia/North Carolina levels of heat and humidity--but without lots of central air conditioning) and I chose to stay at home in the shade and avoid the crowds. That said, it pretty well made my long weekend to know she was just a couple of miles away!

On Thursday (Canada Day) I woke up early, mowed the lawn, walked the dogs for about a mile and then walked to a friends' house. There, I had a lovely lunch with good company and some really stunning sparkling wine from Nova Scotia. Then we walked over to the Canada Day Street Festival to see all the excitement. After that, I walked home. Have I mentioned it was hot?

One mowed lawn, 3 miles of walking, sparkling wine and the heat made me decide that I was done with celebrating at about 3pm that afternoon. I worked on measuring out a new warp for my loom in my dining room. I missed the fireworks and was in bed by 9!

On Friday afternoon, I met friends for fish and chips at a local pub and went out to hear free jazz, including Trio Bembe.

On Saturday I went to synagogue and spent the afternoon listening to the Queen's visit on CBC.

Today I spent time with a friend who owns Shetland sheep. She came over to learn and talk about wool breeds and hang out. She brought me very nice croissants (an instant hit--what a way to make me happy!) and I'm dedicating the rest of my day to grading. Just me and the engineering grad students' writing assignments...but I might hang out in the backyard a bit now that the heat has broken. The sun is out, it's a holiday weekend, and I've had a blast!

(The Professor and our resident student will be home soon from their Alberta adventures and I'll get my camera back. I promise more photos some day soon--they might be of their trip and not my stuff, but I miss photos on this blog!)

Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl but she doesn't have a lot to say. Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl but she changes from day to day...I want to tell her that I love her a lot, but I've got a belly full of wine. Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl and someday I'm going to make her mine!--the Beatles

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Blogger annmarie said...

yes, well the queen's coming down on Tuesday to spend the day with us here in NYC, as well. :)
and she's just in time for another round of record heat. hmmm...maybe she's to blame for the heat waves?

July 5, 2010 at 8:05 AM  
Blogger Sarah Jean said...

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! Free jazz is always a good thing.

July 5, 2010 at 9:43 AM  
Blogger PghCathy said...

Keeping busy, I see.

Our air conditioner went out this morning, on 1 of the hottest days of the summer. Too humid for wool to pass easily through my fingers...knitting's out, reading 'Major Pettigrew's Last Stand' w a cold glass of lemonade is about all I can do right now.

July 5, 2010 at 3:03 PM  

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