Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bermuda bag! On sale now!

Some time ago, I wrote this book, Knit Green: 20 Projects and Ideas for Sustainability and I designed some knitting patterns to go with it.  It worked out that I could offer some of the patterns as downloads online...but for one reason or another, some of these designs were not available, aside from purchasing the book.  Yesterday, I was able to fix that!  Now, the basic Bermuda bag and the Pin Check Bermuda Bag are both available for download on Ravelry, and also available on Love Knitting.  If you buy them both on Ravelry before the end of February, you can get $2 off, too! 
When I was a kid, I had one of these bags and I loved how "matchy matchy" it made everything...and it also seems like a perfect, vintage but new sort of thing....never really out of style or out of date.  Unfortunately, I am not able to carry one of these things now and hold onto the hands of both my twins in school parking lots, etc. so for now, I'll just have to say how cool they are for everybody else.  :)  And, imagine how neat it would be to knit matching covers for your outfits!  Cool!

For people who know me, I have a little bit of a bag thing going on.  I dig gorgeous bags---not fancy handbags, but useful, utilitarian bags for holding stuff. (heaven knows, I shlep around a lot of stuff while dealing with twins...)

 Just today I saw this field bag and these these bento bags--I tell you.  I feel seized by irrational desire.  I think I am subconsciously trying to contain clutter this way.  Our house is filled with clutter.  Piles!  Stuff everywhere.  And, you know, I'd like to be one of those zen tidy people, but I am not.  However, a good container...a good bag...well, it makes all the clutter appear to go away for a while.  Ahhh.  That's better.

Yesterday, I took a new handmade enormous wooden crochet hook I'd picked up at Ram Wools and I made something...a while back, someone passed along some old sheets and remnants her mother had saved, and said she thought I'd find something to do with them.  I contemplated getting rid of the box several times, but held out.  I'd cut and ripped one threadbare white sheet into a big ball of fabric yarn a while back.  Here it is in its new holds all those bits of paper with phone numbers scribbled on them, all those business cards that littered this area near the phone in our dining room until recently.  We are old school--we still have a landline, with a pile of phone numbers near it.  Now they have their own crocheted container/basket thingee.  It's not a fine job, I'm no professional when it comes to crochet...but it is tidy for the moment.  Ahhh.  Bags.  Containers.  I see a green ripped sheet in my office, and I'm imagining its future now.  If we can only contain it all?  Maybe I won't have to go through it or throw it all away?!

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