Thursday, February 01, 2018

Some rewards where I can find them

Here is a quick post with some fun stuff.  We're having some very cold weather, but it comes with benefits.  The sun is shining bright.  I made some strawberry sorbet from freezer strawberries-- picked last summer--and set the container outside to refreeze.  (faster than the freezer!) And, apparently some folks saw moon well as sun dogs.  Whoa.
I linked this to the CBC article, and the moon dog is that double circle you see around the white thingee (the moon)--the shiny building to the right is the Manitoba Legislature.

I also discovered that the Winnipeg Public Library Local History blog  wrote up a short,positive review of my book, From the Outside In, back in July.  Whoops.  I missed that entirely!  (If you click on this, scroll down.  They reviewed several books there at once.)

Finally, I got a note, out of the blue, saying that my blog made Feedspot's Top 40 Canadian Knitting Blogs.    Full disclosure, the top blogs are from big names like the Yarn Harlot, yarn shops and yarn companies...and I'm something like 34th.  However, it's nice to be included with the bigwigs--especially because actual knitting is going very slowly here.

I'm still recovering from pneumonia and last night I mended little boys' jeans, as they keep busting out the knees of every pair...but I do write about knitting--and design, too--sometimes...

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