Friday, May 18, 2018

Advocacy on the road

In the US, as a kid, I volunteered and worked at the Claude Moore Colonial Farm.
This living history park offered me a lot of the skills I use today in teaching and living.  Spinning, mending, gardening, talking to strangers and teaching, cooking (over a fire!) and more.  I wrote an opinion piece about this, because the US National Patk Service has decided to shut down this important park by the end of December, 2018.  (There is no good reason to do so, as far as anyone can tell, aside from perhaps potentially profiting from the sale of the land.)

The opinion piece was edited down to the length of a letter, and printed here:

Please forgive this messy link!  I am away from my computer and posting via an iPad...but this is too important to leave alone.  If you want to support living history darn near the US Capitol, please google "Claude Moore Colonial Farm" to find more ways to advocate for this amazing representation of everyday tenant farmer history in 1771 Virginia.

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