Friday, July 27, 2018

work/life balance

A new article just came out last week! (and yes, I almost missed it...)

Here's a link:
Talmudic advice on Lifestyle, Work

Note: This ran in the Vancouver Jewish Independent but if you get the Winnipeg Jewish Post & News, it may seem familiar.  It ran in both places...

A couple comments:
1) Yes, my sale is still on!  See the below post for more info if you need more knitting to balance out your work life.  (Or in my case, to do some work while balancing out the writer with twins lifestyle...)
2) August and early September may be a bit hit or miss on the blog front.  Summer camp ends today, and it will be me, twins, and dogs for the foreseeable future.  Lots of time for playing in the front yard, going to wading pools, taking the dogs on walks, and maybe even some time for knitting and spinning as I watch everybody.  All work or email responses happen at night, when the Professor is home, or in between adventures...please forgive any delays.

If you're curious about August is like over here, feel free to check out the blog archive...yes, the boys are now seven, but I suspect the sunshine and games will be mostly the same.

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