Friday, November 09, 2018

I've got your back

Today's the first day we sent kids to school in snow pants.  It's about -11C (13F) and it's been flurrying here for a couple of days. Now there's enough snow on the ground to get wet when making snow angels during recess. There was a big upset and some tears about getting dressed this AM though, how would the sweaters fit inside the new snow pants? (Hint, it all works out.  Everyone figures it out and wears sweaters when it is this nippy.) We're back to wearing winter boots, parkas, mitts, and more.  Every year this is a slow but inevitable piling on of a few weeks, we won't remark on it anymore--just suit up.  We still go outside!

My opinion piece in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh shooting is now out online as part of the Vancouver Jewish Independent. Unfortunately, the news moves so fast these days that other people have already died, in another big shooting in the US.  I am so sad about it all--and while my piece was about the support the Jewish community received here, locally in the face of this hate and death, I wish that the US would consider doing as other countries have done in the past. For instance, if there were some immediate action towards commonsense gun control and better accessible mental health supports in place?  Like yesterday.
On a more upbeat note, the new On Track pullover was so popular in our household that one twin (Twin B, for those who remember a long way back!) wore it all last weekend.  Come Monday morning, Twin A decided it was his turn, and there was an absolute showdown about it before 7 in the morning.  As a result, our beautiful sample sweater is on time out until Saturday, when Twin B can wear it family services. I'm hoping we can either negotiate a sharing truce or decide who owns the sweater once and for all when we are all more calm!

If you've been reading a long time, you may recognize this sweater.  Above, it's being modelled on a kid who is two and a half.  This morning, it went out the door on the other twin, and now they are 7.  So, you know, eventually, we work it out and everyone shares...especially if you knit a very oversized sweater in the first place!
Have a good weekend, everybody.  Stay safe.

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