Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sweet Georgia's Make & Hue-Collaboration

I've just had a piece come out in Sweet Georgia's publication, Make & Hue!
Here's my article:
Knitting for your kids

Here's a link to the whole publication, which I am looking forward to diving into later today!

Finally, the article features photos of a few kids' designs.  Here are links to those, in case you want to get knitting right away!

Riverbend Garden Hat

Stripe Freestyle


If you'd like to see more kids' designs, check out this bundle on Ravelry.

If you're curious, today my kids went to school in these sweaters:
Twin A (made in 2014, and it still fits a 7.5 year old!)
Twin B  (also made in 2014, and still just about fits the other one!)

Happy reading and knitting!


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