Friday, January 24, 2020

Low Vision patterns-coming soon!

This week, I've been slowly but surely reformatting some of my knitwear designs on Ravelry. 
What am I doing?

I'm reformatting these to provide an additional pdf, for free, in a Low Vision format.  This is for people who need larger print to easily read a knitting pattern.  I'm also adding photo descriptions, as I am able, and getting rid of fonts and italic that might make the design hard to read.  All my designs are already black print on a white background, which also improves accessibility for the vision-impaired.

As of this week, I've launched Low Vision Format versions of:
Rosie McStrippitThe Stay Put KippahStrippy McStrippitWorry BearDeir Hart and On Track.

I hope to add more Low Vision Format options to my patterns over time--it may not work for every design, but I aim to keep working on it.  So far, it hasn't sold a single pattern, but that's not why I'm doing it.  It seems to me that making life better and more accessible for everyone is a good thing to do...and well worth a few minutes every day, when I can fit in the reformatting.

Here are some cheerful photos of the patterns I've already relaunched-I will try to post more as I go along!  (click on the photos to see bigger images)
I've also had this article come out in the Vancouver Independent:
A page of Talmud each day

Finally, January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  

Many millions of people died in the Holocaust, including 6 million Jewish people.  (These were, in part, some of my family and perhaps yours, too) 

Please take time to remember the many people who were lost...Jewish family, friends, those with disabilities, LGBTQ*, Roma, political prisoners, and more. 

Let's work towards a more accessible, loving, tolerant and accepting world.  Never Again.

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