Friday, January 17, 2020

Those McStrippits!

So, how did the McStrippits get their name?
(If you're just reading the blog for the first time, WELCOME!  Strippy McStrippit and Rosie McStrippit are knitting patterns that I designed.  Follow these links to learn more!)

 When I started designing these, I was endlessly knitting these strips when we were at piano lessons or outside playing or whatever. Nobody in my household could understand these "strip" things that Mommy was making. 

Eventually, I sewed the first design together and said to my twins and to the Professor, "Well, now we need a name for this thing."  And they laughed and said--"Obviously, Mommy, it is about the Strips!

Somewhere in this conversation, my husband the Professor brought up the story of Boaty McBoatfaceThis was when the British Navy had a "Name Our Ship" poll for a new research vessel.  Only, the one that caught on and won was Boaty McBoatface, which was really kind of not dignified enough for the Brits.  They did eventually name a submersible with this funny name though. (Scientists do make lots of jokes, but dignity has its place!) 

In moments, our whole dinner table was laughing with jokes about how if there could be a McBoatface, well, these were the McStrippit designs.  And so it was!
That is how the McStrippit designs got their last name.  The first name is based in some way on the particular design (Strippy was first, so, you know, there you go!) and the last name is to pay homage to a really funny boat name.

Rosie McStrippit is Rosie for two reasons.  The square neck reminded me of some Scottish and Irish dancing outfits.  When I was in elementary school, a classmate dressed up in her costume and did a jig performance for us. Her name wasn't Rosie but I've never forgotten the square neck of her dress--and Rosie struck me as a good Scots-Irish kind of name. Second reason is that I happened to knit the sample in a rose coloured yarn, but please, use whatever colour you like!  I am sure you'll still look rosy if you knit one.

Now that I've finished two of these designs-- (and a total of 15 strips!) I sort of miss having the strip knitting in my purse.  I may have to start another soon...

Last bits of news for this post:  On Ravelry, Rosie McStrippit is now available with an additional LOW VISION pdf.  This means that I've made it more accessible to those with vision challenges.  I hope to go back and revise other patterns in the future to do this so more knitters can try out my work.

Also related to accessibility, my article, Tips for Inclusivity, has gone live on the Jewish Independent's website today.  It offers pointers for choosing summer camps for kids with special needs.
Wishing you all good things-and a laugh! --Joanne

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