Thursday, June 09, 2022

Update from springtime

Dear blog readers, I am not sure how many of you are still out there!  Some friends may still visit?  It's hard to tell --I used to receive lots of comments and make conversation on every post.  Now?  Nothing.  Hard to tell...So here are some updates from my world...
I made an unfortunate knitting project choice back in March.  One of my twins asked for a gray sweater and I agreed to knit it during our most gray, long, wet, puddle filled and flooded time of year.  True, the yarn is Polwarth wool so lovely and soft.  It will make a nice dress sweater. I finished it on one of the first warm days and my kid didn't even want to try it on long enough for fit.  Good news with twins is that if one does not want it, the other likely will...assuming it still fits somebody in the fall.
We also happened to hear about a new I made an "upsized" Worry Bear.  I took the pattern for a small pocket sized bear, which is really supposed to meet specific needs for those with anxiety, sensory issues, autism, dementia, etc. and I knit it on #8(5mm) double pointed needles and I used three strands of sportweight yarn.  Stuffed with wool, it will be perfect for a toddler to carry around or chew on.
The world news has also really gotten me down. I've struggled to keep cheerful. Our province has opened up to crowded events, without masks, despite an increasing rate of COVID deaths and health care cannot keep up. Meanwhile, war and gun violence are happening-completely avoidable deaths that politicians refuse to be mature enough to take prompt action on...people who can resolve conflicts peaceably seem to be in short supply.
When I'm particularly stressed by these things, I "make" a lot more...more sewing, spinning, knitting and cooking.  To my surprise, I discovered I'd cranked out over 900 yards of 2 ply Clun Forest wool  (Western Canadian wool) while processing bad news.  I washed and skeined it, and? - have absolutely nothing planned for it.  So, if you're taking on a big dyeing, weaving, knitting, or other project and could use handspun for it, let me know.  Let's make a deal!
There's also been an uptick in special life events.  Twins turned 11!  Alas, the gelati cakes from the past no longer are made at our favourite shop, but birthdays continue.  Mommy cake came to the rescue....although I truly failed "buttercream 101" in my 'breads and desserts' course in university...I made a big cake, and everyone seemed happy.  Yes, this is true, I took an elective course in breads and desserts at the Cornell hotel school.  Since I already knew how to bake bread, I ended up cranking it out to feed people during our labs and sales rather than getting tips on, say, icing application.  That's ok though, even poor icing skills taste good and satisfy my household!  
Work has been slower, despite the insistence that everyone is bouncing back now. It's kind of discouraging. Some of the markets I used to write for have stopped publishing or changed what they print. In one case, the publication's even been so disorganized or slow to respond that the short deadlines/low pay/weird responses have made it impossible to continue with them. 
In any case, I still had wool to wash this spring, and surprise!  I still know how...even if I wasn't able to write about it for publication. (This was the first of several loads for my household, no way I could do it one garment at a time...)
I'm still here... continuing to pitch publications, I write my column and my knitting designs are still out there on RavelryPayhip and Lovecrafts.  I post a bit more frequently on Instagram here: @yrnspinner.
I'm also celebrating our glorious (and short) spring in Winnipeg.
Last but not least?  I've had a very strange work email snafu...if you've reached out to me via email for work reasons since last October?  I may not have your message!  Last weekend, my account somehow disappeared messages from the last 7 months.  No amount of customer service or 'restore' functions seem to be working. Please do reach out if you need anything!  I'm still here, even after this new challenge.
It's been an important reminder, too.  No matter how hard I'm trying, many things are out of my control.  For instance, due to some infill construction near us, we have this large dead tree hanging over our power lines. It's not on our property, so legally, we can't do a thing about it, though of course, like losing work email in a strange blip, it's out of our control.  We cannot fix this.  So I'm trying hard to tilt my head, look at the blossoms in our yard, and hope for the best. 

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Blogger toastyyak said...

Oh no - no feedback! Well, I do still look forward to your updates. :) And that is a fantastic lot of yarn spun!! I'd be interested, but I admit, I would also have no project for it, and I'm trying to reduce my stash at the moment of those lovely, but impulse purchases I've made in the past.

I'll keep my fingers crossed re: the dead and looming tree that's not yours but threatens. It's good to hear spring is finally up there. (my mother was born outside of Winnipeg in Ituna and spent many a young year freezing in the winter)

Take care!

June 13, 2022 at 12:07 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Thank you for the note! I understand just what you mean about stash. I have an awful lot of it at the moment...I am also overjoyed for spring. Now I am curious as to whether you get the replies, too? Blogger has changed over the years.

June 13, 2022 at 2:29 PM  
Blogger ma said...

I just 'rediscovered' you (was actually reminded of you seeing an article you wrote in Summer '19 issue of PLY). I was so excited.
You know how life can take you in a direction and some of your old favorites can sort of fall by the wayside? I was following your knitting/spinning/family/settling in to a new community blog way back before the twins were born. Probably made it through their first year or so.
Then, Life.
I was simply giddy to have been reminded that this exists (and 'over the moon' to discover that it actually still does) and the archives seem intact, so I can 'catch up'.
I love to hear you tell a story.
I, for one, will still be here and following along as long as you keep writing.
All the Best, Bea

July 15, 2022 at 2:17 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Thank you so much for your lovely note, Bea! I am so happy you are reading…I have often wondered how much to update things because I just did not know who was still out there. Glad you found me again! I will try to tell some more stories soon. (Although my twins are keeping me very busy this summer, too…lots of swimming and ice cream involved!)

July 15, 2022 at 4:08 PM  

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