Friday, December 02, 2005


Hmmm, I'm still working out the kinks in this blog thing. At the same time, my CD drive decided to die, so I get to learn to install a new one later. This is the downside of working from home--there is no IT guy on call to help, and the relatives do have other things to do than wait on me and my computer problems... upside is that I learn to fix things myself.

My kind hubby had time to post my handspun to my website. Now you can actually see some of the yarn here:
Joanne's Handspun
I know, I know, all of y'all thought that it was imaginary yarn since you've never seen it. Believe me, I've wondered that too, but then I notice the boxes of it stashed around the office so the dogs can't play with it. If the dogs can see it, it must exist.

The other big news this week is ... A couple of weeks ago, I sold my first short story! For all you non-writers out there, I sell a fair amount of non-fiction, but selling fiction is a much harder thing. I'm thrilled to lead you to my first published short story, here:
Reflection in a Glass
Lest you think I am always referring to works of literature or Descartes, I'll tell you that I originally named the story "Jocko's" and the editor decided on something more, shall we say, literary.

So, why did I call this indulgences? Well, I get sucked into websurfing when I am supposed to be working at the reading an article or story I didn't plan to, or *gasp,* checking out the latest yarn porn. You know, those luscious color photos of yarn, but they're not nekkid yet 'cause they have their labels still on... It never fails to brighten my day; I hope it brightens yours! ;)


Anonymous Suzanne Griffith said...

Congratulations on your dogblog, I mean your yarn blog! I like that tussah silk. And getting a story published is so exciting; good work!

If you could link to my blog, that would be great:

December 2, 2005 at 5:26 PM  

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