Friday, October 27, 2006

All new! Get your sweaters here!

At long last, I am able to announce that Knit Picks has published the sweater jackets to their website and...I hear, others have seen these sweaters in their catalogs. I even got a wonderful note from Zeila! Thanks, Zeila! These sweaters, Cocoa Butter Rose, Plum Ribbed Cardigan and the Wrap-Around Cardigan are how I spent a good bit of the summer...sweating as I designed all those inches of warming wool and wool/alpaca or wool/cotton. I hope you like them! Hop over to and take a look!

I am away from home, visiting relatives in Florida while the biologist braves the wilds of Florida field research to catch butterflies. (OK, sometimes I laugh about the dangers of this sort of field research, but he actually encounters 'gators and bears and things while catching his moths and butterflies...I won't go into the time when he told me he'd just seen a bear, and then lost his cell phone, and then forgot to check out of the wildlife preserve. I get this phone call saying, "Ma'am, have you seen your husband? Has he left the preserve?" and I say, "Gee, he's in Florida. I'm in Kentucky. No, I don't know if he's left the preserve." Then the ranger suggested he get out a possee (his words, not mine) and search for my husband, who was clearly lost. I begged for an hour or two to find him. I called the cell phone...lost in the preserve.. of course, and it only took a couple of hours to locate him and where was he? Back at his dad's condo, taking a shower...sans cell phone. I only very nearly keeled over, sitting in the living room, from worry, fear, frustration and anger. No, I won't go into the dangers of research. Especially because he took the relatives with him today...)

Today, I was left with the car after dropping the web designer, my brother-in-law, at the airport. First, we had some excellent shwarma together for lunch, so that particular yen was satisfied... What does one do when left in a strange town with one's own wheels? Go yarn shopping, of course! I checked out two yarn shops, felt like a minor celebrity when I mentioned I had an article in the newest Vogue Knitting, and ended up with $9.63 of yarn. 9 skeins. It was such a deal, I couldn't help myself. One ball of blue superwash wool, and a variety of rose, green and variegated khakis, white, and green Cotolino from the Queensland Collection. Now, I need to knit continuously for the rest of the trip, until late Sunday night, to use up the silk, wool, and sock yarns that I brought with me. It's like the yarn had offspring. Oops. The owner of the yarn shop with the best deals--Picasso's Moon- was so kind to me and graciously invited me back to knit any time. I explained I might not have a car again on this trip...but honestly, if I did, I'd be pulled back to her shop like a homing pigeon. The name of the shop is magical, and so is her yarn selection. I'd be lost, truly, if I hadn't just tried to rein in the stash at home and failed...

Oh, I think the explorers may just have returned from their day in the Florida wilds! I'll get back to y'all (with links and photos?) in a few days.


Blogger e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Love the cardis!!! The cocoa butter rose is just my kind of thing! I like the legnth on them. It is very reflective of how fashion is swinging back to the longer line! Great job!!!

October 28, 2006 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

Such elegant cardigans! The photos are good, but wouldn't they look wonderful over long skirts...

October 31, 2006 at 6:37 AM  

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