Thursday, February 05, 2015

A Yarn Spinner Story + Pattern

I have some big the last week or so, I have been slowly announcing the first in a new line of patterns.  I've been doing it here on Ravelry.  I am mentioning it here on my Ravelry group.  (Please join my group!  I'd love to have more chatty members there!)

 I have even been trying to resurrect my ancient newsletter email list, which has resulted in much gnashing of teeth and a loss of about 2 work days to the e-newsletter deities.  Note: If you are not on the newsletter, and would like to be, I hope to figure out how to put a sign-up on my blog soon.  It is not as easy as it looks!

So, here are The Hole Inside Mitts,
 my first new story+pattern.  Please check it out!

PS: There's still room in my spinning class, but it's filling up fast.  Sign up soon!
 The Hole Inside Mitts: A Yarn Spinner Story + Pattern

Introducing a whole new kind of knitting pattern….one that comes with a story attached! The new Yarn Spinner Story + Pattern line allows readers who knit (or knitters who read) two pleasures at once. Enjoy a piece of short fiction, accompanied by a useful pattern that stands on its own. This downloadable luxury offers a sweet combination for thinking knitters, particularly ones using a tablet or smartphone.

How knitting can help heal the hole in your heart:
The first story, The Hole Inside, gives a taste of unrequited love from an independent, travelling heroine who never forgets her knitting. While on a business trip, she encounters women who invite her to their knitting group. Settle into a coffee, a town filled with college students, and an unsettling surprise from the past that calls for some escape with needles and yarn.

This story pairs with a stranded mitten pattern in 7 sizes. Start with 2-4 years for your nearest toddler and complete right up to the unbelievably XXL hands of your Valentine, this is one flexible pattern that has you covered.

The Hole Inside: A Yarn Spinner Story + Pattern is the first in a series. Expect to see more short fiction from author Joanne Seiff soon. As well, look for the companion series: A Yarn Spinner Essay + Pattern. Joanne Seiff’s articles and essays appear on the CBC,, and in the knitting world on, Interweave Knits, Spin-Off, and Vogue Knitting. Seiff feels that linking her love of writing and knitting design in this short format offers an exciting and novel horizon for fiber arts!

The Hole Inside, Yarn Spinner Story+ Pattern’s initial offering, is available now for a Valentine’s Day 2015 release for download on Ravelry, as well as through for EU knitters. (This is a treat without calories!)

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