Monday, November 07, 2016

in the news!

On Sunday, the CBC-Manitoba website ran my piece on Slow Fashion.  It's a take on how we can integrate some of the ideas into our daily lives in moderation, even if we lack time and money.

We had a busy day too--a bright sunny one which broke all kinds of records for warmth in Manitoba.  My twins were up at the crack of dawn (5:50 AM, which technically was sleeping in for a whole 20 minutes) because of the time change... and then we rushed off to swim lessons.  We had a brief break in the busy schedule to play, and then I got to go to an adult education lunch and learn session on my own.  (Wow.  That was awesome.  A whole 2 hours by myself!)

Then we rushed off to a concert.  It was a kids' concert that both boys were keen to hear, with singing, guitar, banjo, bass... and  it raised money to support refugees, so it was all good.  Imagine our surprise when that too ended up in the news!  Both my boys are in the photos of the concert, as they were dancing and singing along right up in front.  So, the only person not in the news this weekend?  My professor, who prefers to avoid the limelight...
(It was held at a church, which accounts for the stained glass and weird lighting... my guys are in the orange shirt and the black and red shirt, standing close to each other and dancing and clapping along)
Photo link courtesy of the CBC website

After the concert, there was even more time spent playing and biking outside.  The warm weather this late in the year has been a great gift...even though most of the outdoor toys have already been tucked away for winter.

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