Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Gone swimming

At the last minute, we lucked out.  We got two spots for swimming lessons at this gorgeous lake.  It is about 30 minutes’ drive from home, and the lessons are every week day for 10 days.  I did the first week mostly on my own with kids...the professor came along for Friday.  This week, my folks are visiting from Virginia and they are doing the lake run.

I miss the mini vacation of each trip but have also enjoy having a few hours off each afternoon at home to do crazy stuff by myself. (like make dinner, clean up, walk dogs, etc.)

I wanted to share the view with you.  Also, imagine the trip: some traffic on the way out of the city, and then a wide open prairie view of blue skies, puffy clouds, and fields of sunflowers, corn, hay, cows and horses. All that and home in time for dinner...

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