Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well, that last post was a doozy, huh? A little long? Just after posting it, I thought of a couple of other things you might enjoy about Crete. I know, you're thinking, when will she get back to dogs and knitting? A little gardening? Canning? Will she shut up already?

Robert Fulghum, the author of All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, has a house right next to the Orthodox Academy of Crete conference center in Kolymbari. He donated money for the Academy to build a library, and his house is there for when he visits Crete. According to one of the receptionists, he comes to Crete to write books. He talks about it on his website. I was so inspired by this one! A girl can dream, right? Some day, maybe this could be me? (well, some day, but probably not any day soon...)

Second, the Husband also took a lot of photos, and they may offer you a very different, but also lovely, view of Crete, if you're interested. A couple of hints:
1) The photos are not labelled, the first few are from a trip to Ireland last fall, and there are a lot of butterflies to look at.
2) It may take you a while to download the images, and maybe too long if you are a dial-up person. I'd advise getting a snack, reading my old blog entries, or maybe taking a mile long walk with your favorite dog(s) or people.

Here's that link:

Now, back to my regularly scheduled programming: While I was gone, the rights for my Knit Picks design, the I'll Pack a Hat, reverted to me. It is now available on my website as a pdf downloadable pattern. So, if you want to make a warm hat for winter, I'd be honored if you'd consider making this pattern! It's now available


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