Sunday, December 07, 2008

radical knitting

Yup, it's what we (fiber) artists do. We run around, "arting" it up, crossing borders and causing mayhem.

What, you say? This isn't Joanne's normal blog bread baking or dog photos accompanying the knitting?

This is my "social history/bio #2" post. My friend Cindy sent me this link. I realize this is more like recent history, but sure is worth checking out. Enjoy this video clip called "Nailed 'Em-Radical Knitting" and just think of me, crossing the border to Canada next summer. Will the border control folk get suspicious when my landing documents mention "50+ lbs of wool roving, used as a packing material?"

EDIT (12/8/08): Note, the below video I posted yesterday is funny and worth watching. It is NOT about illegal immigration. It's about an American artist who uses knitting and crochet to do art and political commentary. It's about her experience with crossing the border entirely legally. I have plenty of choice thoughts on immigration (how did most Americans get here? Oh, and if the immigration regulations were as difficult then as they are now, do you think your family would be here?) however, I didn't bring those up when posted this... this video doesn't either. Many millions of border crossings are entirely legal. Enjoy it. Have a good laugh.

Psst. Drop me a line down here. Tell me if you laughed. (I did) Also, do you think it's fair to call recent border patrol activities "recent history?!" Any other knitting topics or people you'd like to see me cover in my social history/bio posts?

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Blogger Nancy said...

Having lived in the path of the greatest illegal immigration in the US for a number of years, immigration is a non-funny subject for me. Here north of the Mason-Dixon line, people have No idea the problem in SE AZ, for instance. 'Anyhoo', hope you are all staying warm in this ridiculous early cold. And your being able to live in Canada for a while us such a fantastic opportunity. I'll be anxiously awaiting all the details I hope you will be sharing!

December 7, 2008 at 8:19 PM  

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