Monday, June 29, 2009


It's finally gotten a little cooler here...our streak of very hot temperatures seems to have passed. That has been a relief!

In the box count sweepstakes, we're now up to 233 boxes, so I expect those of you with the higher numbers might be more in the ball park. Things are looking remarkably, well, boxy around here...packing's going well. I'll keep you updated on the box guessing sweepstakes, although by the time someone has "won", I'll have nothing left to send off as a reward!

Although I had a really busy weekend, I got a chance to email or comment on nearly everyone's blog. That was fun! I appreciated some of the exchanges we had. I learned a few things...Nancy and I have often exchanged blog comments, but for some reason I wasn't able to post there...I'm sorry, Nancy! I'm sure it's some sort of cyberspace blip. Another realization...Cathy, thanks so much for clarifying that there are two Cathys out there commenting! I was confused until you pointed out that my friend Cathy, who designed those marvelous crocheted socks in Fiber Gathering is that other Cathy! :)

Things are indeed gathering momentum now that the move to Winnipeg is upon us...less than 2 weeks until moving day. We had guests over for dinner both Friday and Saturday nights. I visited my friend, the farmer on Saturday afternoon. He is now home from the hospital and recuperating. Another friend came over to spin with me on Sunday. It was a busy time, but I've really enjoyed these social intermissions from the packing. I will miss these local friends.

One last, comment related realization...according to Alison, it turns out I have quite a high percentage of blog readers who comment! Thank you for all those positive things you bring to my corner of the world. I see my blog a lot like my cyber living's a familiar concept in blogland--certainly not unique to mine.

For instance, for the first 6 months I lived in Kentucky, I hosted a spinning and knitting group once a month in my real living room. I loved having folks introduce themselves to each other and I welcomed them in. I liked hearing all the conversations buzzing together at once! After a bit, it became difficult to manage hosting this, as we also hosted the professor's lab parties and other events...but my temptation is always to try to welcome folks into my home and my life. As a result, for a long while, I left the "anonymous" option open on my blog comments, and it resulted in some wonderful contributions for quite a while.

In thinking about it, I've realized that I'd like my blog/cyber living room to be as kind and honestly compassionate a place as my real living room is--so I've switched off that anonymous comment possibility. I still welcome all your comments with an open heart so I can respond to you...and I hope this switch won't inhibit your comments. I like listening to what folks have to say! However, for me, reading blogs (and writing them) is about expressing oneself in a thoughtful and caring way--about making friends and sharing ideas and connections. People can be very different in their beliefs or ideas but still treat each other with respect and acceptance. Anything you might want to comment on here should be something you can say with your name attached to it, just as if you were visiting me in my real living room. Anonymity shouldn't necessary here! I want to continue to foster that openness to others and that respect, that positive tone while I move across the prairie spaces to my new home.

Oh, and Kristy, I can't wait to meet you and spin with you in Manitoba! Soyun, thanks for dropping by--you do beautiful work...I hope my other blog readers will check it out!
Now, back to those boxes...

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Blogger Willow said...

I for one was very pleased to see your comment to me on my blog. Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing what you were spinning this weekend...

June 29, 2009 at 5:46 PM  
Blogger Sarah Jean said...

You and your whole attitude about blogging are so sweet. <333 This is exactly what I try to explain to my mother when she asks skeptically, "You read blogs? About the lives of people you don't even know?" hee.

June 29, 2009 at 8:15 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Your posts on my blog did come through...I have the posts on moderation so that any spam doesn't appear. Box guestimate prize can always be shipped from Canada!!!

June 29, 2009 at 8:45 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

I'm chuckling a bit because I guess I have to stand up and comment again in order not to be anonymous--your link went to Not Found. Blogger still tries to claim I'm on Blogger, but I haven't been for two years now and their sometimes-automatic link goes blooey. Like it's about to do here, since it's not letting me sign in my name and site.

--AlisonH at

July 1, 2009 at 12:40 AM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

I don't want to think about moving. We've been here too l ong. As one of my friends said recently, my kids know how to use matches. Just toss one and walk away.Of course, you'll need all your stuff in Canada, so that won't work for you.

July 5, 2009 at 6:52 AM  

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