Friday, September 24, 2010

Party like it's Sukkot

This is our first official Sukkah in Manitoba! Last year we were just too busy trying to cope with our real house and our new lives in another country to build one. This year, the Professor got it up quickly, with the help of a friend who cycled by to help. The greenery on top came directly from an enormous lilac bush in the front yard. It's now substantially smaller, and I'm pleased about that, too!

At first, it seemed like it might be too rainy and cool to be outside too much, but tonight is different. It is already sunny and drying up, and I imagine that we could have a lovely meal outside this evening, beginning with hot soup to warm us from inside. That forecast's good, because we have a series of dinner guests coming over. Tonight, Sunday night, and onward into next week, I think. Luckily, the weather seems to be cooperating.

We like this holiday because it combines being outside with talking about being thankful for the harvest, and connects us with long ago ancestors. A nice sort of living history exercise, really...

That said, we've found our new gas fireplaces very warming and look forward to sitting inside next to those as it gets cold, as well!

Now, briefly back to the last post. The four comments left were so insightful that I had nothing to add and couldn't quite figure out what else to say. I've also had several people say to me on the phone or via email that they too understood this conflict...and yes, while one can buy something at a big box store for much much less, some of us will always prefer handmade, locally made, one of a kind objects instead. It's nice to know that the "handmade" folks are out there too. I don't think the handmade metaphor is there just for fiber arts though--it extends as well to most things. Experts often cost more (in consulting costs, or whatever!) but may also be worth it in the long run. After all, as one commenter wrote... "Wrong Answers, only $5, Dumb Looks? Free!"

I am likely to be wrestling with these issues for a long time. In the meanwhile, it is off to make potato leek soup and to get ready to enjoy a party out of doors. Have a good weekend! Make sure to celebrate harvest! :) (Unless, of course, you are like my best bud, Dr. Anne, who just moved off to live in that other hemisphere, where it is which case, never mind...!)

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Hope you had a good weekend!

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