Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thank you for commiserating!

Oh, thank you, all you kind blog commenters. You made me feel so much better. In fact, I feel downright good that I was so grown up about this weird incident. We've brainstormed a bit and will get some hay or straw or whatever to help the new grass seed grow in our dirt yard. We've also discussed buying some neat kind of tree or bush or whatever to start filling in that unslightly space where the greenery was. Some of it was just broken, and will grow back.

I'm especially glad to say that my little bleeding heart did not get crushed and is sitting happily in its dappled shade, waiting until its time to bloom. This is a picture of a really gorgeous bleeding heart, someday mine will be like that! (barring unforeseen events with
tree service companies, of course.)
Passover is over tonight and I'm really looking forward to eating pizza as my celebratory 'bread' dinner...we're going out with friends. In other miscellany, I'm working a lovely lacy garter stitch black mohair boucle stole, made out of yarn bought at Cushendale Woollen Mills in Graig-na-managh, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. This is the place that produces the Black Water Abbey Yarns, too. I'll post photos of the stole when it is done. I've also acquired an enormous amount of yarn for me, enough for 5 pairs of summer cotton socks, and ribbon-like yarn for two summer vests. All this said, I've only been knitting for perhaps an hour a night. I've been devilishly busy with work these days...this earning money thing, acch, it takes a lot of time, even when you enjoy what you do!

Faylene is right, however, this is no excuse for not visiting everyone's blogs and posting up everyone's blogs on my own, and keeping up with everyone else's news. If I haven't posted your blog here and you regularly read mine, please let me know so I can fix that. I've been a bit flakey in figuring out all that. Go ahead, give me a little push...


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