Wednesday, January 09, 2013

coming to a Winnipeg classroom soon...

Hello again!  I'm sorry (yet again) that these posts have been so sporadic...
I am slowly, slowly, trying to get back into having a little bit of a work life.  This begins January McNally Robinson, a local bookstore with a community classroom.  I'll be teaching a class on cloth diapering and using wool soakers.  This combines my work knowledge (wool, wool and...did I say--wool?) with the information I've gained while cloth diapering twins.  I hope it will be useful for others!  It sure would have been helpful for us to go to a class like this when we were expecting...!

That is followed by another class in early March on the topics in my book, Knit Green.  (links at right)  While the book was published in 2009, the information is still relevant.  I am hoping to get the "green" knitting conversation going again, at least locally, if I can.

Finally, here is a sneak preview of a v-neck pullover sweater I designed recently.  It is a one-of-a-kind garment at the moment; no pattern (yet), and knit out of some beautiful Polwarth blend yarn I bought when the owner of Rovings, a local spinning/knitting business, retired.  It is a very warm sweater!  Perfect for playing in our basement on those very cold -30F days when we don't leave home.  I'm currently at work on sweater #2, which is being done in more conventional yarns as I test out the pattern.
Right now we are struggling with a virus (fever, runny nose and cough) and I got to sit out on the front porch watching the snow fall after midnight last night...with a kid in the sling -wrapped in a wool blanket--to cool him down.  Sleep is a distant memory, but we're still hanging on here.  I'll try to drop by the blog more often...thanks for stopping by!

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Blogger Ruit Farm North said...

Beautiful sweater! Beautiful boy :) Glad to be hearing from you, no matter how cold it is! The flu is racing through my two schools. I fear there is no place to hide.

January 9, 2013 at 4:32 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

Cute sweater! And a growing boy!! Hang in there!

January 12, 2013 at 1:27 PM  
Blogger Ottawa Fiber said...

Hi Joanne! The green revolution is going strong here in Ottawa. Wabi Sabi runs workshops with some of the principles/projects in your book. Your little guy is so cute! It has indeed been the year of the plague. Hope you are all well soon.

January 14, 2013 at 5:33 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Thanks, everyone! This virus just goes on and on...we are just barely coping. Up with a kid from 11-3 last night. Oy!

January 15, 2013 at 10:27 AM  
Blogger Susan Pankowsky said...

Oh Joanne, thinking of you in the warm (okay, it's cold today) southern town of Nashvegas. Stay warm, hold onto those keys, stay well, kiss the boys and hug the professor, and know that I may be far away, but I'm thinking of you and wishing I were more together to send you goodies. Miss you! Send me pix!

January 15, 2013 at 5:02 PM  

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