Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cause now I write about hockey...

It's a little known fact that when I was 12, I broke my leg (for the second time) playing hockey.  It was a pick-up game at a schoolyard rink in Ottawa.  We were visiting family friends and they took us to an outdoor rink for fun.  It had been warm; the ice was mushy and too soft.  I was stupid and although I had a pair of hockey skates, I'd worn my figure skates...but you know, I was from Virginia.  What did I know?  The pick at the front caught in a little bubble of soft ice and I went down.  My only solace was that I'd assisted on a goal in the process...and if you have to break your leg in junior high, it was maybe a cool way to do it.  (but I do not recommend it!  Note: First time?  At 18 months, I jumped out of my crib.)

Since then, I've skated a little, but only recreational figure skating and very little of that.  However, I've lived in both Buffalo and Winnipeg.  In both places, hockey is always in the news and in the air.  When I heard of the big trade this week--a couple players going to Buffalo and vice versa, I realized I had only a very small thing in common with them.  I wrote it about it...and it came out today on the CBC here:
 Evander Kane and Zach Bogosian: Are you curious about Buffalo?

For those who know me, this whole thing is peculiarly funny...especially because I wrote another piece about the positive educational benefits of play (something I actually know about, because of that grad. degree in Education) but I didn't sell that one.  No, I sell the hockey essay.  Of course. 

Also this weekend, the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper mentioned The Hole Inside Mitts: A Yarn Spinner Story + Pattern in their Books section.  Here's the link:
Author Sews Together Knitting, Short Yarn 
What I like best about it is that the columnist took the whole thing seriously...and it ran as his lede.  All in all, a very sweet couple of days--like a professional Valentine.  I feel grateful.

On the home front, we're getting a lot of juicy hugs and kisses from three year olds, who even gifted us last night with only one wake up and sleeping 45 minutes late, until 7:15 AM.  Now that was the greatest Valentine! 

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Blogger Alison said...

I did not know there was more than one type of ice skate. Thank you, learned something new.

My family growing up used to go ice skating every Saturday until the week conditions were like you describe and my Mom did the same thing and fell--only, she got knocked out cold. There was no 911 in those days; the rink employees simply carried her over to the wooden benches and waited for her to come to. Our family never went back.

February 18, 2015 at 2:33 PM  

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