Friday, October 09, 2015

The UNsale -reasons to be grateful

The last of the big fall holidays is finally over.  We had a blast, actually--I brought a couple of friends with us to services to help out (it is hard to keep up with two four year olds by myself!) and both of my boys loved the dancing and singing.  We nearly had a tidal wave in the clawfoot bathtub later that night as twins re-enacted their favorite songs of the day.

However, we are now finally back to a mostly "regular" schedule (thank goodness), which means back to preschool and work as usual.  My challahs are now no longer round --back to a regular braided one.  

We have one more holiday though, Thanksgiving.  (Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend, in October.)  So, I have time during these holidays to think how lucky we were.  How even though the Canadian dollar has plummeted and food prices are rising here--we can still afford to eat well.  How even though it is getting cold here and winter is coming?  We can stay warm in our house, with our clothes, heat, electricity and hot water for those baths.

I am also in the midst of making new mitts for my guys, who grow pretty quickly, and again, I feel glad I can sit down and produce something to keep us warm...that I have the tools, the skills, and the chance to do this.  If I were on the run, my home destroyed, and our belongings on our back, I could not do these things.  (I am not posting any awful pictures of the world's war destruction and death--it's all in the news...)

So, I wanted to make a donation to help refugees.  The Canadian government is doing a matching donation, too.  If I donate to certain specific causes (the Red Cross, for instance), the government will match the donation.

At the same time, my pattern sales have decreased--perhaps because I haven't been so good at promoting them.  It seems when I run a sale (20% off, for instance...) more people purchase patterns, but that won't help me raise any money!

So, I am running the UNsale through the end of October...a chance to do what the UN suggests and help refugees.  If you buy any of my patterns or my e-book in October, I will donate 20% of what I make to charity.  There's no special discount or coupon for the patterns on the buyer's end--except that a portion of the purchase goes to help refugees when they need it most.  At the end of the month, I'll make that donation. Join me in knitting mitts for winter or choose a hat...whatever suits you.

Meanwhile, I hope to run a few giveaways, a review, and more.  Please join me--and if you don't need to download any patterns, that is fine...perhaps consider donating a different way, on your own.

With that?  I'll say--Thanks.

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