Thursday, March 31, 2016

fun things to share

Just a quick visit here...
I recently did a knitting design pitch--and it was my first in a very long time!  Something about it just appealed to me, but gosh, I felt rusty.  So, I knit a very big swatch out of Morehouse Merino Bulky yarnThis is the old-style singles yarn, my understanding is that they have transitioned to a two-ply that knits at the same gauge, but in any case, it is luscious!  I cannot believe I have held onto it for so long...but this week was the right time to knit it.  Scrumptious stuff and a really fast knit.

While I'm the beginning of the month, I met up with someone and helped turn her into a new spinner and taught her how to use a drop spindle.  I didn't know at the time she was also famous.  Here are a couple of links to her twitter feed from our lesson:
I'm looking a bit rough in the photos...

She was in town to shoot a movie but is now back to Hong Kong, her home base, I think.  She has dogs, she loves wine...amazing how "the famous people" are just all really future spinners, don't you think?

Then I came upon this...turns out a big consulting firm for higher ed. mentioned my article among its top ten items a couple of days ago.  Neat!  I wondered if anyone read it...

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Blogger Nina Ruit said...

This is great, Joanne. Nice to have a shout out from another publication. As a librarian I can totally agree with you. Teaching kids that testing is the end-all, is not teaching thinking skills. We have to keep the pressure on education, from K through college.

April 8, 2016 at 7:27 PM  

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