Wednesday, March 15, 2017

High Fashion

 On Thursday night, March 16th,my design, the Spire Smock, from Knit Green will be featured in the Reel Green fashion show as part of a collaboration with the Manitoba Fibre Festival.  I think the sweater will be keeping a mannequin warm...but it's hitting a fashion runway, nevertheless!

When I handed the sweater sample over today, a knitter saw it and inquired...and the great thing is that you too can have a sweater like this one!  The pattern's available. :)  (and you don't have to do it in orange if that isn't your color, of course....)

At home, I'm featuring another fiber entirely.  I purchased this tow flax roving at the Manitoba Fibre Festival from Taproot Fibre Lab.  I've had it waiting patiently for quite a while, but just couple of weeks ago, I began to spin it.  I'm almost finished with the first 100 g bag.

I love it!  It's delicious to spin, and I cannot wait to do more.  It is a great departure from wool, and is offering me a very gentle start after a while when I wasn't managing any spinning at all.  (Note: Despite what my spinning teacher taught me 30+ years ago, you can start and stop when spinning linen.  No problem...and if this were really a serious issue, well, historically, women with small children would never have spun any linen)

Last but not least, I came upon a very nice image of the Due North Mittens over here on Instagram, knit beautifully by thewolfandtheblacksmithswife.  Lovely mitts!  I hope they are keeping someone toasty.

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