Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter projects

I am a fan of winter and hibernation. It's been a season I have always enjoyed, and this cold season, so far, is really living up to my expectations. Snow, cold, and lots of time to cuddle up near our new gas fireplaces...

My red sweater project has now gotten so large that it is no longer very portable. I'm working on sleeves, but they aren't very photogenic. Here are some portable projects I'm also pursuing. The teddy in the picture is from a pattern, called Bubby. My version was whipped up quickly in honor of my new nephew, who was born happy and healthy on December 5th. Congrats to my youngest brother and his wife on their joint production! Bubby and I will be going to Virginia in January to see the nephews and I'll go bearing at least one handknit gift.

The sock in the photo is my own design in progress. I'm comfortable posting it here in public since there is really nothing to see at present but a brown toe-up sock, but this is probably your last viewing because it will likely become more distinct/unique as I continue!

In other projects, the professor has been practicing his winter time photography. He sends along these two shots of cedar waxwings..he somehow managed to be outside at the university campus when 30 or 40 of these birds all settled to feed on a tree at once. I love the winter time colors here, and yes, this is proof that things do live outside in Winnipeg in the winter time, even when it is -20F!

What is harder to imagine is how the professor got his camera to work at those temperatures...but I didn't ask that!
In connection with my last post, I think this one is continuing this theme of keeping intellectually active. On one hand, I see winter as a healthy period of rest and rejuvenation. On the other, I also see it as a time to foster one's inner reserves of creativity. It's a chance to create and imagine, dream and reach for new things...and I hope you too will have time to do that this season.
Now I am off, into the snow, to take a walk with the dogs...dogs around here don't take winter off!


Blogger Jame said...

Love the cedar waxwings! I see the flocks here erratically, once on some juniper planted on the median in a shopping center, another year on the Bradford pear trees that used to be outside my office building.

December 20, 2010 at 5:03 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

Look at those... Wow, what glorious pictures!!

December 22, 2010 at 12:36 PM  

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