Saturday, October 31, 2020

Behind the scenes

A while back, my professor husband made a prediction about when things would be shutting down again in Manitoba, and well, he was right.  

I took it to heart and began to rush, and a few days ago, I got a lot more patterns up online on Payhip.  At this point, 57 of my designs are available via Payhip, as well as on Lovecrafts and Ravelry.  This isn't quite all of them, but it's the majority.

It was also a really nice opportunity for me to revisit some of my older designs.  This is the Scarf Cowl-ideal for any weight yarn from lace to DK, and perfect for a beginning knitter or someone who needs some mindless garter stitch.

These are the Knitted Napkins.   In a time when we're all staying home a bit more, it can be nice to make mealtimes look nicer....and cut down on disposable napkin waste.  I was surprised to see this download recently purchased by a knitter, it reminded me about the pattern, which I think may have been first published in 2009.

I also wrote a column for the Jewish Independent, and it went live on Friday here.  It's about the mortality 'wake up call' that the pandemic presents to's both scary, and also a reminder to seize the day. 

We've been outside in the snow...more than once this October.


We've eaten more than our share of sweet potato pie, apple crumble with pomegranate seeds (and frozen yogurt!) and more...

We've also returned to remote learning at our house for a bit, so things have been busy.  However, we've had time to play in the snow, make and eat fancy desserts, and create special 'jet packs' for our stay-at-home Halloween superhero.  There's less time for work, but more time for everything else-which makes our pandemic experience much like everybody else's, I suppose.

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