Thursday, January 26, 2006

thanks for looking out for me!

Everyone, especially Sally, is very glad to be home. Our trip to Dallas was super fun but tiring, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing our friends. I even got to see a very posh yarn shop called Passionknits in Dallas. I bought some yummy
Classic Elite Star on sale. It is being made into baby socks for the Dallas friends' baby, Molly, and my new nephew. Now, I've heard a lot of talk about socks recently, and Caroline over on Pink Tea told me about this sale at Simply Socks Yarn Company. I'm sorely tempted but I might as well pass the temptation onwards. If you're interested, they've got some great deals! I'm trying to distract myself by looking away out the window...I have too many socks left to finish! Our great girl Sally, the black one, here on the right, looking at the window, was apparently not happy while being kenneled at the vet. I ask you, who would be? However, Sally did not play well with others, barking agressively at other dogs as she was escorted outside. She did not consistently 'do her business' in the out of doors during one of the three times a day she was let outside. She even ate her poop. (GROSS! said the vet tech.) Apparently they let Harry and Sally into a small space together and...they fought. Someone got a scratched ear. I'm not sure who, as I've found small scabs on both dogs. It looks like a fair fight to me. Anyhow, the vet tech sounded it oddly peevish, like those things you hear about, you know, about children. "Your child won't be welcome at this daycare center again if..." I tried to block it out, but all I kept thinking was--this is a year old dog. Until three months ago, she was a stray. You're saying you've never seen two young dogs fight in a small space? Especially two dogs who usually get loads of outdoor exercise and who are food aggressive? Or have a young dog eat something gross? I didn't tell her about how Harry ate a bird and puked it up on the husband's side of the duvet last week. Poor Harry, he looked green. It was embarrassing enough as it was...

Since coming home, everyone has been rough-housing, eating well, sleeping well, and generally being good. No accidents, either. There seemed to be a huge sigh of relief, too. Sally, as shown in the above picture, is fantastic as a watch dog. She watches squirrels, people on the street, and Harry. She has a superb alarm bark but is still learning when to use it. When my friend Erika visited to drop off some fleece for me to finish the Romney wool peacoat (long story, I gave away the fleece. Now I need it back..I gave her another fleece instead) anyhow, Sally barked a little before she came in. Then, once Erika and I were talking, Sally suddenly started barking. "Oh Yeah!" she's saying, "Mom says this is my job!" Harry of course was humping Erika's leg and being shaken off without a single bark. Poor Harry, he's often laying down on the job. (see above photo)

I did spin up some of that fleece and someday soon you'll see a photo of the finished coat. Before spring, I hope. I got a lovely note from a yarn company that might be interested in using one of my designs, maybe. And, for those of you who've been looking out for me health-wise, after two days of the newest prescription, I felt all woozy, lightheaded and dizzy. Made it hard to do anything much, I felt stupid. Nice triage nurse at the doctor's office said, "Hmmm. It's not supposed to make you feel that way. Hypoglycemic reactions are very rare!" She suggested I take a couple days off the meds and let the doctor know how I am doing on Friday. It's Thursday, I feel much better, both dogs are sleeping peacefully in the office, and I'm hoping to get back to being productive soon. Do you think I could knit a sock a day until my stash is under control? (not.)


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