Wednesday, April 16, 2008

nothing and everything

Lately I've been wondering what to focus on when I post. Some things seem private, and other things seem like fun anecdotes, and well...I'm always surprised by what folks like the best. Yup, I've knit electric fence wire and THAT is tough on the hands! I'll keep telling my stories over here. Thanks for commenting right back at me so I know what tickles you!

On the knitting front, surprisingly little knitting is happening. I finished my hemp and nettle project. It's secret, for now, and otherwise? I've spent time thinking about two of my patterns that used to be available online at

As you may know, that site is now defunct. These patterns are out of date, the yarns discontinued and the patterns need reformatting for me to post them again. Since that will take time for me to do, I'm thinking I'll need to charge for the patterns...because I need to earn money for a living. This, it turns out, is problematic for a lot of people who feel all designs should be fact, I even discovered someone who was posting my patterns online as jpgs, without my permission. Chasing that copyright violation was a real downer for me...and it took time. Time I could have been knitting...but might instead spend reformatting patterns, confronting copyright violations, or doing the other daily business that is

In the end, I realized if one person had emailed me and said "Hey, I really liked the Alpaca Ruffle Boa and/or the Molly Baby Socks pattern! Would you be willing to post it for sale on your site?" I would have rushed to do it. For me, it's been a lesson in negative reinforcement. I do better with positive reinforcement. (Obviously, educational research shows that most people do!)

So, some positive's a photo of my fava beans. The professor plants these for me, because I adore fresh favas. They can't be got here for love or money, so we grow enough for one or two meals a season. I'm spending some time out in my garden in the sunshine, planting things, and I'm sore. I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

Just finished reading Bento Box in the Heartland by Linda Furiya, and I can recommend it. Briefly, it's about growing up Japanese-American in the small town Midwest. There are inconsistencies in the writing, things that an editor should have caught, but the raw, strong emotional ties to Japanese food and identity ring true. It's a compelling memoir, and her difficult coming of age experience in an intolerant country should be acknowledged. This too, is growing up in the's not all apple pie and baseball.

Recently I set up my personalized browser to link to Poetry 180. This means I have the opportunity to read a poem every day. This program's designed for high school students, but I'm a lifelong learner. For me, it's another shot at culture...and dangnabit, I need some every day! It's also a reminder of some things our government does for us. The Library of Congress hosts this. My little public service announcement in honor of paying my taxes...this, along with the NEA, food-aid at home and abroad, Social Security, roads, schools, bridges, veteran services, the G.I. bill...all the good parts of paying taxes.

So, all at once, this is an everything and nothing post. No news yet about where we might move, although there's a lot of movement behind the curtains...will the wizard come out? Will we know what's right and where and when to go? And I'm still making those long trips to Nashville every other week...the acupuncture appointments are making me very calm and I can shop at Whole Foods every time I go...I listen to audiobooks in the car. Aside from the gas consumption, it's a win-win experience. Fiber Gathering is all but done; just waiting for the editors to show me what they've done. It's quiet here...and I'm thinking a lot. The professor says it's ok, he can see the cogs turning in my brain! Cogitating on the future of book #2.

Did you go through periods of introspection? Do you need shots of music, poetry, and art? Do you come out the other side with new conclusions about yourself/others/the world?


Blogger Nancy said...

My world is seen through the introspection-reflection pond. I was an English major, concentrating in poetry, American literature and writing. I've dabbled in journalism and radio. Such things become essential to my being. Thank you for the poetry link.

April 16, 2008 at 9:42 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Hello. I've just come upon your blog via The Independent Stitch and it 'resonates'. Do you have RSS feed - can't see a link. Advise, please. I am finding it so useful to have blogs appear on my homepage as they are posted. I look forward to browsing your archives as well.

April 17, 2008 at 1:32 PM  

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