Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Passover and a CBC opinion piece

Today is the last day of preschool before a two week Passover vacation.  My twins are bursting with excitement, revved up by the teachers, about the holiday.  I could do with just a little more time to, say, work and get ready/cook for the holiday...without two three year old helpers!  However, "it is what it is..." and I'm going to see how we can all work together to get ready. (Note: Passover is only 8 days, so this is just a REALLY long school vacation...)

In the meanwhile, this piece just came out on the CBC:
Time to make nice after True North, Bowman brawl

For those of you who aren't in Manitoba, there are some struggles over how a new hotel development will work in downtown Winnipeg.  Right now, it's a big hole in the ground, but after all the wrangling is done, it's going to earn folks a lot of money!  We drive by that hole every time we take our boys to dance class at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, which is right near there.

Before anyone thinks we are pushing our boys into something too young or inappropriately... I should mention that the RWB has creative movement classes for preschoolers in their professional studios, and to encourage boys to dance, it's something like $80 a boy for the whole academic year.  (yup, everything is X 2 for us, so that sounds good!)  Both boys love it. We like the 45 minutes when we can sit quietly on Sunday mornings and they are in the studio without us!  We all highly recommend it!

One last knitting-related note.  I've had my patterns for sale up on Loveknitting.com (as well as on Ravelry) since the beginning of January as a sort of experiment.  I haven't done any promotion to speak of, and to my surprise, a few patterns sold anyway.  So, if you're reading this, could you perhaps leave me a comment and let me know--if you're a knitter--do you prefer buying patterns in one place or another?  I'm curious...  Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Hope you are enjoying spring!  We're finding lots of puddles and muck to stomp in.  It's great.

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