Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sock Yarn for Life?!

The folks over at are running a really fun giveaway.   Here's part of what they wrote me in their note/press release:

We at feel there’s too much pain and suffering caused by chilly feet, or worse, people wearing socks from Costco.

That’s why we are changing somebody’s life, by giving away a lifetime supply of socks (well, sock yarn, what happens with it is up to you!). The prize ($1000 worth of yarn) goes to whomever can show they will be most impacted by winning.

This is a very important "cause" and we need to raise awareness.

Note: I don't get anything by mentioning it to you.  In fact, I'll just have more competition when it comes to winning all the sock yarn for myself!  (which, you know, I hardly need, given my stock pile, sure is tempting.)

I'm especially tempted by some of the yarns in the pile: Briggs & Little, Regia, Malabrigo, Crystal Palace...and my little boy sock standby, Kroy Sock by Patons.  (There's a long list on their website.)

All you have to do is wander over to their website to enter.  It's open only to people living in the US and Canada.  They ask what you will do with all the sock yarn and why you should win...and that's it.  The deadline is December 7, 2016, and they will announce the winner on December 14th.  That's a nice short deadline--delayed gratification is hard, right?

I'm going to imagine jumping into that big pile of yarn.  Ahhh.  See, I'm already feeling better just thinking about it!  And no, I have nothing to do with the giveaway, I'm just spreading the word.  

I hope you win!  (Or...I hope I win?!)
:) Joanne

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