Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Here's my latest opinion piece on the CBC-Manitoba website:

7 parenting strategies to help you skate through the end of winter

Although my boys are now definitely older than this stock photo, this is how several of us felt this past week!  We have been taking turns with having a bad stomach bug (rotavirus) that is going around.  I keep hoping we are done with it, but as one of my twins said yesterday (and his face looked green), his tummy felt all 'wiggle waggly.'  So far, both adults in our household have had it the worst.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

This morning, while walking dogs and dodging ice and puddles, I heard honking and saw long lines of Canada geese flying north in formation.  It's getting warmer outside...and that is a very good thing.    Take care!

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