Tuesday, May 10, 2016

fixing the province?

Here's my latest CBC piece...
It's on how the new Manitoba government can think about making change on the province's big issues:
How will the PCs fix Manitoba's long-standing problems? 

Several folks have asked, so here's a quick note about the fires in Canada:
It has been very dry on the prairies.  We are in no danger in Winnipeg, (just a preventative fire ban) but there are a lot of scary fires far to the west of us in Alberta (Fort McMurray has been in the international news, I'm sure) and there is a fire along the Manitoba/Ontario border far to the east of us.  For now, I am glad to say that today, it's raining lightly here, which is a good thing...

If it is windy, we do get some smoke in the air and haze when there are fires, even if they are hundreds of miles/kilometers away.  For now though, it's nothing to worry about here, so please extend your worries and prayers, if you do that, to the folks who have already been evacuated and maybe lost everything.  Please think of Alberta and do your very best rain dance, please, wherever you live!  Thanks.

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