Friday, December 09, 2016

Oh my gosh

Sorry for the blog silence over here.  I thought I'd have something interesting to post by now.  Really.  I checked in about that sock yarn contest--no news about voting or winners yet over there.  I submitted a couple of essays to different places.  I have been to (no kidding) three different medical specialists in the last couple of weeks, too.  Still not any definitive diagnosis on why I have been feeling subpar for 6 months.  I have heard several different theories though, and I'm still trying to sort that out.

Then, in between one of those "get this to Fed Ex right away" lab tests, a drop off at kindergarten, and a few other details?  It snowed about 30 cm (1 foot) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It has been an enormous, messy mess.  No one cancelled anything in the city, although on Tuesday, when I got to my special physio Pilates class, it was just me and the instructor...and I told her that walking (through completely uncleared snow) two blocks to see her had been downright aerobic on its own!

Since nothing got cancelled, and nothing gets plowed here until the snow stops, it has been a trying few days.  My twins are teary and tired, and I have to admit, sometimes I am too.  I'd leave the house early, shoveling like crazy (more than once) during the day to make sure everyone could get in and out of the house and car.  Then, I'd hop in the car, only to discover I was trapped.  Watching the car behind me flounder around in the backlane, getting itself stuck and unstuck (twice) as I waited to try to get out of my now cleared parking space?  That summarized things...until the Professor told me how he had to stop in the middle of a road on the way to pick up the boys from kindergarten.

A car was stuck in the snow.  A well-intentioned but small man (from the car behind) tried to push out the stuck car.  Stuck behind two cars now, my Professor hopped out of his car, gave a serious push to the car that was stuck---and whoosh, he got to drive to school.  Sometimes I think it is lucky we have the opportunity to shovel, push like heck, and that the snow muffles our screams.  All this is a good way to vent our frustrations...

Soon, soon, I will be giving you news about my Jewish Post & News columns and the eBook release...and soon the plows will come.  Soon it will be the weekend...when the temperature will drop to -25F. (-30C windchill)

I hope we can all stop screaming and crying around here long enough to rest on the couch. :)

Note: No picture.  Imagine a lot of blowy white stuff.  It's getting a little dirty and looks like lumpy mashed potatoes on the streets.  Yup.  You got it.

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Blogger Nina Ruit said...

Sorry to hear about the snow-mageddon like conditions there. I really appreciate how fast the snow gets cleared up here in Maine! Looking forward to your Jewish Post & News columns and your ebook :*)

December 10, 2016 at 3:46 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Thanks, Nina! We had a "quick" plowing job around our house, and it is a little better now...On Saturday. They usually take up to a week to plow, but our temperatures dropped significantly and at -20F, the snow hardens up like rocks! So I guess they were motivated to plow a bit faster this time. It was a cranky week. We have spent all of Shabbat at home, inside, playing and sitting on the couch. There is value to cartoons on a day like this!

December 10, 2016 at 4:35 PM  

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