Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sheep in a line?

Do I have all my ducks in a row? Uhh, sheep in a line? Not so much, right now. I had the pleasure of a really quiet long weekend. We had a friend over to join us for Friday night dinner, went to services in Nashville, and saw some friends as we picked up our vegetables. The rest of the weekend was spent doing very important things like yard work (an hour a morning, usually before 9:30, because it was so hot) and some serious resting. I read two books, knit a little, and even finished knitting and making up a vest. Today, perhaps, I'll put buttons on it and snap photos if I get a chance.

What I didn't accomplish was a long list of things that have to get done...including buying city dog licenses, going to the post office, getting ready two or three packages to send at the post office (reverse those last two, please), washing the muddy paw prints off the kitchen floor and other minutiae like going to the dentist. Of course, I couldn't accomplish many of these tasks on the weekend, so maybe that's good, I got some time in to rest. However, now I'm looking over the list, the husband leaves again Thursday morning (two days from now) and gee, when was I going to fit my actual workload? hmmm...and I don't even have children. The mind boggles.

Back to my original premise. For those of you who know poultry, it seems to me that getting your ducks in a row would be about as hard as uhh, herding cats. So why not change the the saying? Sheep in a line? This can be done. See above. I have proof. Someone at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was capable of this. No wonder why that festival is so inspiring to me! It gives me hope.


Anonymous PBnJ said...

Glad you had a nice restful weekend.

The term "herding cats" is one of my favorites. I can truly relate to it - I have 6 kids under 9 years. Tee hee!
Cute sheep in the photo, by the way!

May 31, 2006 at 12:14 PM  

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